Chocolate tulip cups with raspberry mousse


Today is The International Women’s Day and I thought of tulips. I love tulips. Actually, I love all flowers. But in the spring I love tulips. They are emblematic for this season. They are graceful, classy, ​​feminine and noble. And even if their perfume is very soft and discreet, tulips can stand gracefully alongside the most precious flowers of the nature. So I thought this would be an excellent dessert for Women’s Day 🙂

I wanted to make chocolate cups in the shape of tulips, colored in red and white. I used the technique I’ve seen in this video tutorial. It’s not very difficult, but it takes more chocolate and a large pot. Sure, you can use white and black chocolate, this combination looks great; but I had red, cherry-flavored tasty melts and I wanted to use them. I filled the cups with a pink mousse. I had to choose between cherries, strawberries and raspberries. I preferred raspberries, because I love their flavor. This is a quick dessert and it can be decorated on everyone’s taste and inspiration.

Happy Women’s Day! Big hugs to you, ladies! ❤❤❤




►For the tulip cups

  • 200 g red chocolate
  • 100 g white chocolate
  • some small balloons


For the mousse

  • 300 g whipping cream, very cold
  • 1 tablespoon of powdered sugar
  • 100 g raspberry jam, also cold
  • 8-10 g whipping cream stabilizer (or 1 teaspoon of cornstarch)


For assembling and decoration

  • 1 sheet of thin vanilla sponge cake
  • chocolate sticks
  • few sprigs of lemon scented verbena





  • Preparing the chocolate cups: Inflate balloons and seal them. If you have a compressor, even a toy-like, is perfect. These very tiny balloons are so damn hard to inflate! I had my eyes out of my head and my cheeks almost cracked while trying to blow that balloons 🙂 Prepare a plate or a cutting board coated with aluminum foil (or with wax paper). Melt the two colors of chocolate separately. Transfer the red chocolate into a large bowl. Pour the white chocolate into strips on top of the red chocolate. Push slightly the balloon into the chocolate with each side, to form the petals around (usually tulip cups have four petals, I made them with six petals). Then put the balloon onto the plate and let dry. If needed, support the balloon for a few seconds until it stands alone. Proceed as well with the other balloons, then put the plate into the refrigerator. Once the chocolate hardens, slowly deflate the balloons and extract them from within the bowl.




  • Preparing the raspberry mousse: Whip the cream with powdered sugar and the stabilizer. Add the raspberry jam and whip for more 2-3 times to homogenize. Transfer the mousse into a piping bag with a star tip attached.


  • Assembling and decorating the dessert: From the cake sheet, cut discs. Place a small disc on the bottom of each cup. Add raspberry mousse halfway to the cups. Place another disc of sponge cake, then continue to pipe the mousse until the cups are filled. Decorate on your inspiration – I used lemon scented verbena leaves and mint flavored chocolate sticks.





  • If you use vegetable fat based whipping cream, no sugar or stabilizer are needed.
  • The jam used for this recipe must be very thick. If it’s thin, you should warm it and combine it with 3 g of gelatin (hydrated in 20 ml of water); then put it in the refrigerator until completely cool and thickend, and then the jam can be incorporated into the whipped cream.
  • If you have fresh raspberries, add some fruits (carefully rinsed and drained) into the mousse. I didn’t found fresh raspberries on the market. I permanently have frozen raspberries into the freezer but they can not be used in this dessert.
  • The number of portions resulting from this recipe is based on the size of the chocolate cups. My cups were quite large and I made three portions from this recipe – of 150 g each, weighed just before being served.






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